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Made in America: 3 Reasons Apparel Manufacturing is Returning to the US

For many consumers, the phrase “Made in America” packs a powerful punch. Those three words speak volumes of meaning about your product — evoking national pride and a sense of high quality while easing anxiety about offshore apparel sourcing, including looser industry regulations and concerns about working conditions abroad.

How to Avoid Shipping SNAFUs with Smart Inventory Management

The holiday season might bring visions of sugarplums to the dreams of countless children, but for many retailers and shipping companies, it also brings nightmares of holiday shopping season 2013 — and the millions of packages that didn’t make it in time.

Checking your vitals: Is your business system healthy?

As a business owner, having the right technology in place to keep your operations running efficiently is key. Technology continues to advance and making sure you have the latest systems and updates available can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line. Although you may not think so, your software and IT infrastructure is old in technology terms once it hits the 4 year mark. Outdated systems waste time, money and can slow down your productivity. For apparel manufacturers, this could mean the difference between streamlining your shipments to make room for more, or losing customers due to slow response times.

Watson! Calling Watson!

The science fiction of yesterday often becomes the reality of tomorrow. There are many instances of shows, like the Star Trek series, where there is interaction with a computer to think out and solve problems. While most of us talk to our electronic devices now to follow simple commands, IBM is taking this to a whole new level.

Drum Roll Please! ABS Presents New Brand, Website and Location

Apparel Business Systems is proud to introduce a new brand identity, website, and headquarters location. These exciting changes reflect where the organization is today, while laying the foundation for where it will be tomorrow. Our rebranding emphasizes Apparel Business Systems’ role as a groundbreaker in the development of software solutions for apparel and footwear companies.