If you’re ready to get started using an apparel enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution but don’t want the on-site hassle and financial commitment of hosting your software, SaaS might be just what you need. SaaS platforms are hosted remotely in the cloud, and can be maintained and serviced by off-site professionals. It takes less time to get set up with a SaaS apparel ERP software solution, and they typically cost less up front as well. Although moving to the cloud can be perilous if it doesn’t fit your needs, SaaS can be a great asset for the right business.

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What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a term of art for the hundreds of thousands of decentralized computers that allow companies and individuals to outsource processing power, data hosting, and more. Consumer-facing cloud services like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Video, and Dropbox have exploded in popularity, allowing users to save valuable hard drive space and processing power. This dynamic has entered the business world full force – and while cloud services may look cutting edge, they’re actually a throwback to popular resource management techniques of the 70s, when companies outsourced computing-intensive tasks to service bureaus. What’s new is the flexibility, speed, and ease of implementation of modern SaaS and cloud solutions.

Who Can Benefit Most From SaaS Apparel ERP Software?

SaaS is a great fit for businesses that are just getting started out or are working with a small staff or small budget. The multiple pricing options make SaaS affordable for almost any budget – many providers allow their customers to implement only those features they need. Remotely hosted servers mean that you don’t have to spend as much on information technology employees, and promise a dedicated staff that works exclusively on any issues that may pop up in your use of your SaaS. All this flexibility can come at a price – make sure that you understand any additional fees and per-user costs that come with the apparel ERP software system you’re buying. Some companies charge for each additional user, bandwidth usage and time spent with technicians, so read the fine print.

Who Won’t Benefit From SaaS Apparel ERP Software?

One of the weaknesses of SaaS services is that they require a reliable, high-speed Internet connection. If any of your facilities lack a connection, they can’t be integrated into your system. Micromanagers should also take note – an SaaS solution will not give you the granular control that you’d get from an on-premise system. Changes often require contacting the service provider, which can become frustrating for people who are used to being in complete control. Since all the data in an SaaS system is sent over the internet, large brands that may become targets of industrial espionage or cyber attacks may not be satisfied with the security measures offered.

Moving to the cloud can set your business up for success, but if it doesn’t fit your needs, you can end up stuck in a contract you don’t want. If you’re considering moving to the cloud or upgrading your existing on-premise apparel ERP software, Apparel Business Systems can help! Our SaaS and on-premise ERP solutions are designed to help you get more out of your apparel business. Contact us today for more information.